Monday, October 11, 2010

Sticking with paper and ink

EBooks are all the rage these days with the Amazon Kindle, the Sony eReader and the iPad all trying to jostle to catch the eye of the next generation of readers who are happy to read off electronic paper.

I liked to believe I was potentially one of them. Maybe still could be with the right technology. But the experience of trying to read The Canal on an iPhone screen has proved to be too much for me.

Having got to page 59 I am now printing it out in batches of 50 pages. There is nothing wrong with the book being sent in PDF form and nothing wrong with the book. If anything it's getting better the more you get into it. But the technology has let me down so it's back to paper and ink again for now at least.


Anonymous said...

An iphone screen qould be very small + reflecting, I think I would give up on trying to read from that as well :)

Anonymous said...

I have same problem simon,now e reader broke ,will replace it but not in rush still prefer books and I ve tried books on my phone didn't work only ones that worked a=was chekov short stoires as there not that long ,all the best stu

Simon Quicke said...

given up for now but might get an ereader at some point