Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thoughts at the half way point of The Legend of Elizabeth Siddal

A while ago the BBC broadcast a drama about the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood which helpfully provided enough background knowledge to pick this book up with a slight knowledge on the area.

But in that series the model and inspiration for many of the artists in the PRB Lizzie Siddal comes across as a flame haired beauty that at various times seems to have had the artists fighting for her affections with Rossetti winning out in the end.

But he failed to be faithful and the drama left you under the impression Lizzie kills herself with an overdose and then the guilt combined with grief tears her husband apart.

Of course this is probably as much legend as fact and Jan Marsh's book is all about looking at the legends that started during Siddal's life time but went into overdrive after her death.

Unlike most biographies this starts with the death and works back from there which is a refreshing way of avoiding the she born, she lived, she grew up here formula.

Looking forward to discovering a bit more about the woman who was an artist in her own right as well as being a muse and lover.

A review will follow on completion...

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