Thursday, July 08, 2010

So far so really good

Having completed Tom McCarthy's Tintin and the Secret of Literature that marks the 50th book read this year. Having managed only 68 last year this is very good news because it means I'm on course for a decent reading year come 31 December.

Some people read more but I'm pleased with the pace. Most of the time I can only read on the commute with the children and the demands of the home waiting when I return so it's been good to get as many read. But most importantly (it's not just abiout the numbers) I'm really enjoying it so hopefully the remaining months this year will be as satisfying.


Anonymous said...

well done on 50 simon should be able to hit 100 :) ,all the best stu

Rose City Reader said...

Congratulations. I always read about 100 books a year -- it is a comfortable pace without making me crazy.

Glad I found your blog!