Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Reading and writing

Years ago I was told an anecdote about a journalist on the Daily Telegraph who was asked by his editor "have you read the story?" to which the hack replied "I can either write for this paper or read it, which would you prefer?"

Feeling a bit like that at the moment as I'm head down concentrating on the reading and sure enough when you let the reviews slide a bit the reading you are able to do seems to speed up a little bit.

But I'm all too aware that the days slip by without a post and more importantly that pile of books that need to be reviewed just gets longer. So after the next book, this is a mantra coming up, I intend to sit down and do some reviews. Just one more book and then things should get going ;)


Anonymous said...

i find my self slipping behind a lot recently ,all the best stu

Simon Quicke said...

it's so easy to do isn't it stu.