Saturday, June 05, 2010

Thoughts at the half way point of Repeat it Today with Tears

Right here we go. Susanna wants to find her father, she wanders the streets of 1970s Chelsea edging closer to escaping from her mother and her dreary boyfriend and landing a place at Oxford University.

But first there is satisfying the urge to find her father, the man who abandoned her as a child. She heads out to track him down and when she does she makes the choice of not revealing who she is. For the old lady killer this seems to be one love affair that he can't believe is happening and he enters into it as a lucky lamb walking to the slaughter.

The slaughter it might well turn out to be as this can surely only end one way in trouble. it makes uncomfortable reading but the description of 1970s London is fantastically conveyed and the eye for character is spot on.

A review will follow on completion of the book...

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