Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The presentation that let's you know it's special

Some books are put together with such care that just the experience of opening up the covers is a pleasure in itself. Even before you read the words that have been printed with such care on the page.

That is the experience of picking up Stone in a Landslide published by Peirene. The book offers a great combination of simplicity but wonderful presentation. There are a few publishers making the effort to do this and it really does make a difference because you want to pick it up and get into it.

You know that what's inside is going to be special because those responsible for bringing it to life so clearly feel that.

Looking forward to reading Maria Barbal's Stone in a Landslide later this week.


winstonsdad said...

it is lovely isn't it simon ,all the best stu

irisonbooks said...

It looks lovely, doesn't it? When this and Beside the Sea arrived in my mailbox I immediately felt I had to keep an eye on the publisher, because the covers look great on my shelves (and the content is good as well ;))

Simon Quicke said...

It's wonderful isn't it and having started it the words inside are as good as hoped.