Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thoughts at the half way point of Natasha and other stories

These stories have a distinctive voice that of someone far from home in a country that his family is trying to make home. The Berman family has escaped Brezhnev's Russia and moved to Toronto but as Bell and Roman and their son Mark try to get to grips with the new language they also face challenges coming to terms with their past and the complete change Canada offers.

The book opens with a great story Tapka that captures that moment when you grow up and realise that you joking around has serious consequences. As a six year old Mark tears up the trust shown in him by fellow immigrant neighbours after he almost kills their dog Tapka.

In The second tale about how his father tries to set up his own massage business, Roman Berman, Massage Therapist, it shows how hard it is for immigrants to break free of poverty and how crucial their own communities are in opening doors.

More to come on completion...

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