Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Flying through a book

If there is one good thing to be said for having to give up some of your own weekend, evening and even your own comforting bed for a hotel room in Europe it is the chance to read en route.

The flight from London to Barcelona made on Sunday afternoon and returning on Monday night took just shy of two hours and in that time it was possible to have a small snooze and knock off a 160 page novel. Really enjoyed that side of the experience and realise that it underlines very firmly just how much reading you can achieve when you have the time, the lack of distractions and a chance to dictate your own reading rhtym.

Sadly that trip is far too rare so it will be back to snatched minutes on the daily commute.


Amy said...

Being a frequent flyer (for work) I have to say that I do love the airplane / airport time because it gives me so much uninterrupted reading time. That being said... NOTHING worse than an annoying seat mate who sees you reading but yet keeps trying to talk to you!

Anonymous said...

I can't read when I fly, I feel sick.