Saturday, May 08, 2010

bookshops you find yourself visiting - airport bookshop

If you find yourself at the airport before going away without your chosen reading material already packed then you might struggle. Although there are plenty of WH Smith branches offering a selection of sorts there is nowhere near the depth you need to make a decent choice. Plus the deals on offer tend to push the reader towards a supermarket type selection of best sellers that only make economic sense if you buy more than one or two.

But before this post slips into pure moaning let it be said that one advantage are the special airport paperback versions of hardbacks yet to appear in that format. These exclusive editions remind me a bit of the paperback readers club which used to specialise something similar. But if there is something you are after and were worried it might weigh a lot in hardback format then the airport bookshop might just turn up trumps.

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Amy said...

Oh airport bookstores. They lure you in with their siren call but then they disappoint with their selection. Or leave you buying with books you didn't mean to pick up, and in the end aren't sure were worth it!