Monday, April 19, 2010

Thoughts at the halfway point of Tofu Landing

Years ago I stayed up late one night and watched for some odd reason a film starring a youthful looking Michael Hutchence. The idea of Dogs in Space was that a mixed bunch of wannabe rock gods lived in a house together. They shared their dreams and their miseries as they lived in a wreck of a house.

I mention that film because Tofu Landing sparked off memories with its cast of characters living together in a world consumed by ambition, lust and drugs. The central character Declan Twist joins the flatmates as they are on the brink of staging an art exhibition, landing a role in a film, becoming famous with their rock star boyfriend and making a fortune through illegally selling drugs.

Declan loves art, the old masters, but hides a secret - something to do with brain damage - and manages to befriend and influence some of the 'posse' around him. He feels a sense of impending doom and as the reader follows this odd assortment of people it becomes almost inevitable the drug fuelled train will lurch off the rails at some point.

Review to follow soon...

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