Friday, March 05, 2010

Thoughts at the half way point of All The Conspirators

It takes a while for you to get to grips with what is happening as the story starts in a hotel away from London with a trio of male characters - Philip, Allen and Victor. The last two seem to have a loathing for each other with Philip in the middle.

The young aspiring artist then comes firmly onto centre stage as he heads home to face his mother after having quit his job before running away to the hotel. But Philip is no match for his strong mother and even with the support of his sister Joan the matriarch of the family manages to impose her will.

But with Philip beaten back down and back in the City in a job he hates the mother seems to be turning her focus on getting her daughter Joan settled down with the Cambridge graduate Victor.

Will her plans come to fruition? As someone not particularly keen on control freaks my hopes are pinning on a family led-revolution against the mother. We will see...

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