Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Life of Monsieur Moliere - post V

So this biography written by one writer with a great deal of passion and care about another comes to an end.

The role of the King is vital throughout Moliere's life with the patronage of the monarch needed on the numerous occasions where he manages to provoke the rage of various sections of the aristocracy.

But what is clearly amazing is the sheer volume of work that the playwright managed to produce. Not only that but the quality of his comedies were such that they have of course let the name Moilere live on through history.

The postscript at the end by Bulgakov is sad in that he know he will never get to Paris to see the monument of his hero. In many ways Bulgakov also had an existence dominated by a King the problem is that his was not so supportive and in the end almostr crushed the writer.

A review will come soon...

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