Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Life of Monsieur Moliere - post IV

Pushing it too far, with the backing of the King who seems to be happy to see Moliere score a few points as he goes down in flames, fortune starts to run out for the famous writer.

On a professional front he reacts rather childishly to criticism of his play and writes a response that then sparks similar plays that provide those looking to fan the flames of a spat between Moliere and his enemies with plenty of ammunition. But of course Moliere goes further and doesn’t just round on the critics but goes for those that have up to that point been neutral towards him.

On a private front he marries someone who is suspected of being his own daughter after a determined courtship only to find once he has his bride home that their relationship is doomed. His personal life becomes one of suffering.

After years of success the reaction to his embroilment in arguments with critics and other actors shows just how thin the veneer of regard was for Moliere. But he has taken up his pen and saved the day and you sense he will do so again.

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