Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ballard on the Archive Hour

Although this year is turning into one spent discovering and revelling in the works of JG Ballard he was of course a well known author before my own humble self-discovery. So it was with great pleasure that there was the chance to listen to the archive hour on Radio 4 written and narrated by Will Self and learn a lot more about him.

As he tells various broadcasters at different points in his career he was trying to make people think about the here and now rather than aliens and outer space bringing into fiction the influence of technology and transport that other writers seemed to ignore completely.

It is well worth a listen to:


dss said...

Dear Simon,
I think it must be a requirement for all Quickes to have a blog or you cannot be a Quicke.

I stumbled upon your blog as I was checking my connections' connections on LinkedIn.

Your work here is quite interesting so I'll take the time to see what you are recommending. Maybe we will have similar tastes.

All the best to you and D.,

stu.j.allen said...

have to listen to that simon thanks for pointing it out

I'm Simon Quicke and said...

Danween thanks for your comment. Yes I think it is compulsory for all Quicke's top have a blog. If you don't then one is set up for you. Take care.

I'm Simon Quicke and said...

Stu not sure if you got a chance to listen to it but it was well worth it. Self is a bit of a pain but Ballard inbetween is fantastic.