Monday, July 27, 2009

A run in with a librarian

It is not often that the blog becomes a platform for moaning but having gone to the library there was something I had to get off my chest.

My kids have signed up with great enthusiasm for this summer's reading challenge, Quest Seekers. Six books have to be read and for each two there are stickers and a reward. The children are very excited and really motivated in a way I have not seen before to read, read, read.

So imagine the horror when getting to the library to register our success finishing stage one. A grumpy librarian subjected the kids to an oral exam asking for plot, characters and a review before handing over the stickers. Why I agree it's good to ask if they enjoyed reading this felt like a test that someone wanted us to fail.

Sometimes you want to scream from the rooftops. If I worked in MacDonalds my main measure of success would be to see people tucking into their burgers contendedly. If I worked at a library surely i would measure success by seeing readers, particualrly from the next generaton, showing such interest in books?


sarahloldfield said...

That's a shame. I hope your kids have a better experience next time.

It sounds like the librarian was policing the challenge with misplaced zeal. You might be forgiven for expecting that, as a parent who has taken the trouble to enrol his children in such a scheme, you could be trusted to do the thing in the spirit intended.

The only relevant consideration in this scenario is creating and sustaining an enthusiasm for reading in children. You would have thought.

Anonymous said...

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Cheers! Ant Wesley