Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Millennium People - post IV

Increasingly Markham finds himself caught between the two groups of active but relatively contained protesters at Chelsea Marina with Kay and the residents blocking the streets, fighting with police and burning their homes in protest.

Meanwhile Gould seems to have split away and each time he meets with Markham things get darker. As it emerges that he did in fact plant the Heathrow bomb, kill the TV presenter and have involvement with the Tate bomb the danger to Markham ratchets up a notch. he was the intended target in the airport and he seems to remain as a target for Gould. By now the doctor working with children abandoned by their families because of their mental illnesses and short-term futures has clearly lost his grip on reality. No longer working in an official sense and no longer able to curb his interest in violence he leaves Markham in a car park in heathrow postponing the final confrontation.

Back at Chelsea Marina the police swoop and the bailiffs come kicking through the doors and the middle classes abandon their protest. Their attempts to undermine the status quo by attacking video shops, refusing to pay for private schools and trying to prick the balloon of the system ends with a two fingered salute which is willingly misunderstood by the authorities.

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