Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lights Out for the Territory - post III

Lights Out for the Territory is not an easy read. That is not to say it’s difficult because of language and story. It is simply a challenge keeping up with the wealth of information and images coming at you.

As Sinclair takes the reader around the City and recollects the temples of Mithras and the imagery of bulls he takes you on a conveyor belt between the mid 1990s and the days of King Lud.

This is a journey through London’s history as much as a physical journey through its streets and avenues.

Sinclair is also playing the role of historian sharing his references as he charts his own memories. Both he and his companion photographer Marc Atkins become part of the story, are stitched into the fabric of London’s history and as the story unfolds they chart their own reactions to it.

More to come…

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