Friday, July 31, 2009

Just Like Tomorrow - post I

The tone of the voice in Just Like Tomorrow is younger than Dreams from the Endz but no worse for that. The story is similar with it being about a girl stuck on the paradise estate. Here she lives with her illiterate mother and has to cope with social services trying to get a foot-up in life.

She seems to be getting left behind as her school can no longer find a place for her and the social workers try to help her come to terms with the decision of her father to abandon them and return to Morocco.

The story is told with humour but also a conversational style that brings the reader in. It is almost as if you are being spoken to and if this is a private diary then you as a reader are privileged enough to be reading it.

But this is fiction and you hope that the miserable life that 15 year old Doria has to struggle with will change.

More Monday…

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