Monday, June 29, 2009

Millennium People - post II

As David Markham picks up the pieces of his life following the death of his first wife in an unmotivated bombing at Heathrow he starts to look for extremist groups that might hold the clue to finding his wife's killer.

After getting involved with cat liberationists he gets picked up by one of the residents of Chelsea Marina and the name of Dr Gould is introduced into the conversation. This shadowy character seems to be the inspiration and main string puller behind resident unrest at Chelsea Marina. As he gets drawn into the world of trying to break down middle class apathy Markham starts to find himself attracted to the ideas and his own middle class life in leafy St Johns Wood becomes less appealing.

The question, delivered with great humour and style, is around the idea of the right to protest and the question of how far you should go to knock people out of their slumbers.

More tomorrow...

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