Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Falling Man - post II

As Keith starts an affair with a fellow survivor and Lianne starts to probe the minds of a group of Alzheimer’s patients there are questions asked about support. Who is there to reach out too in a crisis? Is it better not to be able to remember?

There is also a sense of foreboding with children looking up at the sky waiting for more planes to come and the far from innocent confusion about Bin laden being Bill Lawton.

But there is also a battle being raged between those who are intelligent and articulate and those reacting to the terrorists in a much more emotional way. The fight between Lianne’s mother and her lover is one that is being sounded all over the city. As they clash over the rights and the wrongs of a belief that involves killing and suicide.

At the end of the first part and the second DeLillo is picking up the story from the view point of the terrorists. The brief insight into the world of training camps, religious fundamentalism and hate are chilling.

More tomorrow…

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