Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Spire - post II

At times with the symbolism swirling round the dean's head with his angel versus demon battle and visions of those he has let down it is hard to make out quite what is going on.

As the Spire starts to reach its final stages of being built Dean Jocelin loses all sense of perspective and just hangs out with the builders at the top of the ladders above the church, which most of the time lies idle.

But as the winds come and the autumn rains mount a challenge to the spire that it is certain to fail the world below in the literal sense of on the ground catches up with Jocelin. He loses the abiliuty to parley and get through to the master builder. He loses the ability to save Pagnall's wife and marriage and he starts to lose the ability to keep the church functioning.

The net result is that as he becomes fixated on the final days of building he is a very small step from being a mad man.

if and when the spire comes down quite what it will do for the dean, who has pinned everything on it's construction is hard to guess.

Final chunk Monday...

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