Monday, March 09, 2009

2666 - post IV

The fourth part of 2666 is the longest and so far the most difficult to read.

If the aim was to get across a sense of the confusion and corruption that surrounds the mass killings in Saint Teresa then it works. But it is often brutal reading with the murders described in a repetitvely graphic way. That is nothing to the hideous things that happen in the prisons. Inside a german computer seller waits to see if the police charges of murder will stick.

Meanwhile others ranging from mediums to congress women are looking for the truth but not coming any closer to it.

The picture of a Mexico that is bring destroyed by drugs, corruption and crime is vivid and after a while it starts to drag you down a bit. You are now left starting the final part not only searching foe a lost german author but also wondering if the killer can be found. Maybe they are one and the same. We shall see...

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