Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1980 - post III

The lyrical poetical side of this book is becoming more pronounced as the killing continues and the pressure starts to mount on Hunter directly.

Lancashire has its own deep connections with Yorkshire as the Dawson brother illustrates and the connections start to mean that Hunter has to fight fires on both fronts as the blood spills on both sides of the moors.

Against that background the Ripper seems to be waiting for the moment to shatter any remaining confidence that Hunter has. The repetition of phrases and images adds to the almost literal sound of the moment coming nearer when something will give and the landscape will change again.

Can Hunter stop it? It seems highly unlikely that in his current situation he has the ability. But hidden in the files and the hundreds of interviews that have taken place over the years he knows and we do too that the answer is waiting to be found.

The only question is can he find it before the corruption distracts him, the Ripper kills again and Hunter loses his sanity?

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