Sunday, March 22, 2009

1980 - post I

There are always two approaches to a series of books. Either you read them all at once or leave gaps in between. Having taken the decision to read this straight after 1974 and 1977 there are clear benefits.

The story obviously progresses but with the gaps of time. But what remains are the images, dreams and motifs from the first two books. If anything they become even more important here with the Yorkshire Ripper still at large out there.

With 1977 ending with Fraser and Whitehead having run their course for now the focus of the next stage of the story is Peter Hunter. The Manchester thick skinned copper is sent into sort the Ripper investigation out and at the same time try to discover who and what is going on with that force.

he knows he will be unwelcome, he knows that he has to catch the killer but does he know just what sort of screwed up world he is walking into?

more tomorrow...

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