Monday, February 09, 2009

Burying the battle to improve reading

Watching Michael Rosen’s programme , which was shown on BBC 4 last night. The children’s laureate heads to Cardiff to try and revolutionise the attitude towards reading in a primary school.

I like Rosen, he clearly loves reading, writing and diving into a sea of words to bask in the joy of language. But why has this programme been buried on BBC 4 and not given the sort of prominence that Jamie Oliver’s campaign to get people eating better get?

Maybe it’s because Rosen isn’t some sort of cheeky cockney prone to swearing in large doses.

A very interesting programme and one that raises some big issues. The problem is that it does so in a calm and adult way when these days what people want is a ranting, swearing celebrity wandering through the streets of Rotherham offending as many people as possible.

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