Saturday, November 01, 2008

Saturday's top ten - bookshops

I remember once reading about a man who had been to every football ground in Britain. Not quite sure that sort of mission is a wise idea but there is something about visiting bookshops that is attractive. When you get the opportunity to pop into a well known one there is a temptation to go inside and get a feel for its take on the ancient art of book selling. My most recent experience was in Hatchard’s which had a great fiction section in a basement as well as a great selection with books that you don’t often see for sale in your common outlet.

In no particular order these are a top ten of the bookshops I like to frequent given the time and opportunity

Galloway & Porter Cambridge
Oxfam bookshop Bath
Toppings bookshop Bath
Hatchards London
Waterstone’s in the old Simpsons building London
Oxfam Blackheath
West Dulwich Bookshop
Foyles London
Blackwell’s London
Heffers Cambridge

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