Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Testament of Gideon Mack - post II

Not sure about this. I get the need to tell the back story to put the events that are going to be the centre of the book into some context but I have to admit I am not that bothered about Gideon Mack.

As a result the life story is starting to drag a bit and you want uit to move with quicker speed to something more dynamic. It is hard to be bound over by an awkward man like Gideon. Someone who has compromised his whole life and done what he thought other people would like is a hard trait to admire.

He ends up going out with the girl he didn’t want after his friend nabs the one he was actually after. He ends up doing what his father wanted and becoming a church minister despite not believing in God and he continues to lie to himself and others.

Maybe that is going to be the point of this that the meeting with the devil is the moment when the compromising stops and he feels that he can start to reject everything.

We will see. More tomorrow…


Steve Gale said...

I read half of it and then decided I couldn't be bothered to carry on. A shame, as I liked the sound of the book. Oh well!

Simon Quicke said...

I know how you feel Steve I am only a third of the way through and if I wasn't blogging about my progress with it I would be tempted to put it back on the shelf. It is not badly written it just has the ability to irritate slightly.