Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hearing Secret Harmonies - post II

Having described his role as a judge on the Magnus Donners biography prize Jenkins and fellow judges are panicking that nothing will turn up for this years award when Gwinnet’s biography of Trapnel is submitted. The prize is run past Widmerpool who is a trustee of the prize and he seems to have no objection but does demand to be allowed to come on the night.

He turns up accompanied by the Quiggin twins who wait until Widmerpool has stolen the stage shouting on about the need for non-conformity and the need to shy away from the system before letting off their stink bombs.

The impact of the moment is to underline just how strange Widmerpool has become and that continues with another chance meeting with Jenkins later on. Widmerpool is now obsessed with meeting up with Scorpio Murtlock and the idea of the two combining forces is something both strange and potentially interesting.

Will Widmerpool be able to hear the secret harmonies?

More Monday…

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