Thursday, October 09, 2008

Getting hold of Le Clezio

There has always been a cause and effect for authors named on prize lists that the publicity leads to more sales. While that is true, the figures bear it out, it has never particularly had an impact on the way I read. Mind you when the news came out that Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio had won the Nobel prize for literature it does make you wonder about seeing if any of his work is in translation.

Last year I did pop to the library and read some Doris Lessing so maybe it’s the Nobel prize that triggers a reaction?


Chris Young said...

I find it difficult to invest time in reading anything newly written, no matter the plaudits, and risk it being utter tripe; after all, why plump for the Booker Man winner when you can buy Mary Shelley's Frankenstein for 50p? Having said that, I did read the excellent Vernon's God Little, but that was not because it won the Booker - I just liked the fact that the author's name was Dirty But Clean (DBC) Pierre (although I would not have heard of him or the book without the publicity generated by the prize). I'm currently reading Don Quixote: five times as long as Life Of Pi and likely five times as fulfilling xxx

Simon Quicke said...

Chris thanks for your comment and having checked out your blog what a fantastic post about tramps.

Not yet ventured into Quixote territory but it is sitting on the shelf - might be there a bit longer.