Friday, August 08, 2008

Penguin Lost - post IV

Finally Misha returns and the complex ending is set up with Viktor managing to leave everyone happy as he sets off to release the penguin back into the wild and escape from his own past. The scene where he throws his typewriter out of the window to smash on the concrete below is used to break with the past and the evil he has done.

He manages to become a saviour and friend to the mafia boss who used Misha as an extra at funerals and he steps back to allow the love to blossom between his new lodger and Nina. Sonya meanwhile is a constant voice of conscience in the hunt for Misha and is the one who pushes Viktor to keep his promise about releasing him back into the wild.

At the end of this book you realise some powerful things have been said about corruption, the cheapness of life and the hollowness of success but it has been done in such a downbeat and quirky way that you never felt lectured too and it leaves you with a desire to read more of this author’s work.

A review will follow soon...

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