Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First few pages, first impression - Rabbit Run

There is something different about the moment you decide to walk down a well trodden path and start reading a book that has been read and praised widely. One of the fears I suppose is that ultimately the experience will be disappointing and leave you wondering what the fuss was about.

But there is also something attractive about finally getting round to entering into a world that has managed to work for millions of other readers already.

So it was with a sense of anticipation I picked up Rabbit Run and started the first twenty pages. What you have to comment on already is the deftness of touch, Little descriptions, like the rotting toy under the porch step and the exchange between husband and wife convey a lot without taking up much space.

Your focus is instantly on Rabbit and you do want to carry on reading and get into Updike’s imagination.

More tomorrow…

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