Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Books for free even if you want to cut down

I have been admiring Stephen Lang's attempts, described on his blog, to only read books he has already purchased for the rest of the year. I Thought of him this morning as I picked up The Times at Victoria station and received another free book from the Penguin celebrations collection.

Even when you don't want to buy a book it seems without too much effort you can find one for free. The book today, Consolations of Philosophy by Alain de Botton is about how we can learn from the great philosophers can help us accept problems in our own lives. Chapter one covers Socrates and the fact he was prepared to be unpopular - to the point he had to kill himself as he tried to inflict his own justice on himself rather than that of the Athenian court. Half way through the chapter and already liking the idea that just because an idea is popular it doesn't mean it is right.

That was one book worth getting for free to add to the pile to be consumed this year.

Will post the final chunk of Death and the Penguin tomorrow...

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