Thursday, June 19, 2008

Devil May Care - Post III

Didn’t get the chance to blog on the ending last night because I went to West Dulwich and picked up the latest copy of Slightly Foxed. Wish I had stayed longer and chatted with the editors and other readers but it was quite a trek home and so had to cut it short.

The ending has more of an echo of Fleming than almost anything else because just as with his other books he leaves it until literally there are just a few pages left to wind it up and put the villain to death.

There are twists galore in this story and it does what it says on the tin. Where you sense the hesitation is with the sex, the sense of confidence and the speed of thought. There are scenes that seem to be played out in slow motion as Bond tries to work out his options that could have been speeded up to inject a bit of pace.

But in the end Bond gets the girl, stops world war three and manages to get rid of his adversary in a way that seems poetic.

A full review will follow soon…

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