Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Devil May Care - Post II

This starts to remind you of some of those old Bond novels as the show down between the arch criminal and the secret service agent draws closer. There are no gadgets just fists, knifes and guns and a heavy mixture of violence and cruelty.

Where there was politics of the Empire and the Second World War fallout in some of the original novels this is being played out against the background of Vietnam and a coup-ridden middle east. The action moves from Paris to Tehran and the moment of destiny draws nearer as Bond nears the centre of the Heroin operation that is being used to turn British youth into drugged out losers and turn the country into a third world power of wasters.

This is a Bond that is neither Connery, Moore or Brosnan. He is someone without a face waiting for you to put yourself into him. That is unexpected because you half expect to find nothing new to think with such a well-trodden character.

Ultimately you have to see this for what it is – entertainment. Sure it isn’t Tolstoy but it’s fun and not going to take much of your time to get through. This should be wrapped up in a third sitting tomorrow.

More tomorrow…

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