Friday, May 30, 2008

Lunchtime read: Shakespeare

Bryson is happy to accept that there was a person called William Shakespeare and he was a genius responsible for creating some of the most well known works of English literature.

The problem is that there are plenty of others who seem to be hell bent on dedicating their lives and careers to proving that he wasn’t. Some of them went mad trying to talk up Bacon and Lord Oxford but Bryson very gently but firmly picks apart the other claims and leaves the reader holding the opinion that Shakespeare was and is the only real option.

For those who have an Indiana Jones side to their character there is a glimpse of a literary treasure trail with lost plays and manuscripts possibly out there somewhere to be had by a collector for a price that you can only guess at.

In the meantime the arguments will continue to roll on and Bryson’s book will be added to the pile of thousands.

A review will follow soon…

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