Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In the queue for Devil May Care

Succumbed to the hype/temptation and popped out and picked up Devil May Care. Although it is being described as the literary event of the year it was all very low key in Waterstones Sutton. Walking in the book was there staring you in the face with a large half price sticker on the front but there was none of the excitement and imaginative shop decorations and point of sale stuff that had accompanied the Harry Potter launch.

Just because this is aimed at adults it seems a shame to reduce any fun to the bare minimum.


Stephen said...

I must be on a different planet because I thought this wasn't out until July.

Anyway, I expect Waterstones Sutton is more exciting than Waterstones, Bristol Cribbs Causeway.

Simon Quicke said...

Hi Stephen at the risk of being stoned on my way out to lunch tomorrow I'm not sure about Sutton v. Cribbs Causeway. Have to confess I have only ever got as far as the mammoth car park but at least I felt I could drive away.