Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Ballad of Peckham Rye - post I

There is a great deal of comedy in the character of Dougal Douglas that is both accessible but some of its is disconcerting. You sense that this man, so able to perceive the secrets of others, is going to influence the unravelling of quite a few lives in Peckham.

Things start with a man returning to South London after jilting his fiancé at the altar. In the discussion in the pub the explanation for Humphrey’s behaviour is levelled at Douglas, who has since quit Peckham.

With the interest in Douglas already primed he is then introduced joining the company of Meadows, Meads and Grindley, with responsibility for introducing an artistic touch that would inspire the staff at the firm to greater productivity and happiness.

Most of the time Douglas spends researching the workers at the company is spent walking Peckham Rye and staying well away from his office. This intrigues people but the more he discovers the closer to home truths he gets and his wealth of knowledge could be potentially explosive.

More tomorrow…

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