Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lunchtime read: What's Become of Waring?

The story starts to develop with T.T Waring the link but increasingly something in the background as the cast of characters developed by Powell starting to interact independently of the narrator.

The expolsive combination of love and lust centres around Roberta - the last fiance of Waring - and she manages to snare Hudson,who breaks off his engagement and marriage to Beryl as well as the narrator's publishing boss Hugh.

Hugh wins out because he manages to get Roberta to commit to a Scandinavian cruise. That leaves Hudson, who is eriting Waring's life story, as the loser in love. He has his first book to concentrate on but the more digging he does on Waring the more complicated it becomes. Hudson disovers that most of his hero's first book on Ceylon was lifted from a battered old book he dragged up from the archives of the British Library. Just what other fictions is Waring responsible for?

More tomorrow,although hard to read this week as I am on holiday and the kids are fairly demanding...

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