Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lunchtime read: What's Become of Waring?

Just as the medium at the seance predicted T.T Waring has died and now the real story can start to begin.Up until now Powell as been setting the scene with the publishing company and the state of the publishing industry post the first world war, when it was apparently easy to make a career but very hard to keep your name going.

In the novel the talent that Waring had was apparently in self-promotion as well as writing travel diaries from obscure parts of the world. On a smaller scale than in Dance to the Music of time there is also a social world opening up with old connections being made.

The link between the narrator and the world of an old general that he knew in the past is Hudson, a soldier he meets at the seance.

Back in the publishing world the challenge is to find a suitable author who can produce a quick but high selling life story of T.T Waring. Few facts are even known about his death, yet alone his life. But all will be revealed.

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