Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lunchtime read: Frankenstein

The monster is always lurking and finally Frankenstein meets him again climbing high in the mountains. The creator wants to question his creation about the murder of his brother and the framing of the servant girl. Despite his knowledge of her innocence Frankenstein is unable to stop her being put to death by the court.

To get over his grief he heads for the mountains and there he meets the monster. The creature begs him to listen to his story and then decide how to react to him. If he spurns him without justification the monster warns he will go on a revenge spree.

Sitting in a mountain hut Frankenstein is then told a story of loneliness and solitude after everyone who comes across his creation rejects him. The story starts with the monster looking on a brother and sister and elderly father as a family that he aspires to be part of. He does things to help them under the cover of darkness but you sense that some sort of rejection is coming because there is always the fear of rejection underlying the story.

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