Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lunchtime read: Frankenstein

Although the language is firmly 19th century and the style not immediately accessible the strength of the story keeps you reading. The scene in the mountains with Victor and his creation is vivid and no wonder so many film makers were inspired to turn such clear scenes into action.

Having created the monster, although he keeps it secret how he did it, Victor Frankenstein is revolted by his eight foot high creation. What he thought might be beautiful and the best of men is hideous once the muscles underneath the skin start working.

He flees from the monster and is relieved to discover it has gone when he returns to his rooms with his old friend from home who has come to visit him. Victor then succumbs to a brain fever that keeps him in bed for months. Meanwhile there is no sign of the monster and his family, who he has not seen for almost six years.

He promises to write to them and then plans to visit. But then he hears that his youngest brother has been killed and he heads home grief stricken. On his way home he stops at the place where his brother was found in the mountains and as the rain falls and the lightning streaks the sky he spots the monster he created.

Victor is in no doubt that his own creation killed his brother and hurries home after watching the monster scale the heights of the mountain.

More tomorrow…

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