Friday, March 21, 2008

Lunchtime read: Les Enfants Terrible

Apologies still ill so this plus a review I had forgotten to post from earlier in the week when I was okay.

The mood between brother and sister changes for the worse with the introduction of love. Elisabeth gets married to a wealthy man who dies before their relationship is more than a few hours old and as a result the two siblings move into his fantastically large house. They start to recreate the ‘room’ at their old home on a gallery, which Paul encloses.

Gerard continues to love Elisabeth and Agatha and Paul discover that they love each other. For some reason – it seems to be more than just for the game – Elisabeth decides to kill any chance that Paul has of happiness with Agatha and tell him that it is Gerard she loves and then immediately afterwards order Gerard to marry the orphan.

The problem is that if she is discovered then it spells problems and even if she is not it seems hard to carry on as a loose foursome with the bitterness that unrequited love can cause eating away at the friendships.

More tomorrow…

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