Monday, March 03, 2008

Lunchtime read: Helena

Having watched 300 on DVD last night it seems rather apt stepping back into a time of togas, generals and war to the streets of Rome with Helena.

She is unimpressed by what she finds in the city with factions ripping each other apart and her son and grandson being far from sight and not willing to come and see her.

In the end she manages to get some time with her grandson and he opens his heart and reveals that he is a marked man in Rome, for reasons he cannot work out, and that he is scared of what will become of him.

Helena promises him that she will taken up his case with his father, her son, and she heads of too see Constantine. The meeting does not go according to plan and the Emperor is surrounded by mystics and petty officials trying to get him to sign paperwork.

The upshot of a meeting with a couple of witches is that he does finally send his son away because he has been warned that he is a threat.

More tomorrow…

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