Thursday, March 06, 2008

A day for celebration

Hurrah! Well sort of. It’s World Book Day. What does that mean? Not sure but in the case of my son it seems it is a good excuse to have a book fair lasting all week in the school hall.

The idea of having a day that celebrates books is great but surely it should be world reading day? Buying a book is not quite the same as reading it – a quick glance at my bookshelves will back that statement up.

But there is a bit of razzmatazz and a cause for celebration and that cannot be that bad a thing so raise a book to World Book Day.


Stephen said...


My daughter's school seems to have an almost permanent book fair, but it does appear to do the trick and get them reading.

Simon Quicke said...

It also does the trick and gets the parents parted from their cash - I'n £10 down so far this week and there is still tomorrow to come!