Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Acceptance World - post I

Straight into book three. After this I might take a break but for now it seems too early to leave the world of Nicholas Jenkins. The third book starts in the same vein as the other two with one of the first characters making an appearance being Uncle Giles.

This time the old man seems to be in a happier mood and he introduces Jenkins to a fellow guest at the Bayswater hotel he is staying at. Mrs Endleigh tells their fortunes and with her words things are set up for problems with two young men and an old one and for some romance.

The two young men must be Mark Members and Quiggin who are working for an elderly novelist. But before they start to play their role there is a chance for Jenkins to bump into Templer who is married now to someone who used to be an artist’s model and hang around Deacon’s studio.

It also provides a chance for Jenkins to meet Jean Templer again. She is estranged from her husband and living with her brother. On the way back to Peter Templer’s house, after an impromptu invitation, Jenkins finally finds love with Jean. It all seems spontaneous or is it planned?

“But, in a sense, nothing in life is planned – or everything is – because in the dance every step is ultimately the corollary of the step before; the consequence of being the kind of person one chances to be.”

More tomorrow…

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