Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Road to Calvary (part III) - post III

This epic Tolystian mimicking tale starts to get down to brass tacks with the real battle that is being fought in Russia coming to the fore – class war. Katia best illustrates the situation with her reluctance to marry a peasant even though he loves her and her husband is believed to be dead.

She challenges her would be husband with a speech that sums up the problem of ambition with those that were once downtrodden now dreaming of becoming the gentry. There has been no real change just a shift in personnel.

Meanwhile her husband is doing his best to get back to her and is inching closer but will he get to her in time and even if he does will a jealous peasant sabre him?

Meanwhile Telegin and Dasha move to the frontline and start to fight against White forces in what must be one of the final large scale battles to settle the future of the Don.

More tomorrow…

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