Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunchtime read: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

This book is not just about politics, war and spin but is also about faith and love. Just as the rainwater has the potential to bring life to the desert so the prospect of being touched by something as real as love starts to help Dr Alfred Jones blossom into a different man.

There is a different style in his diary entries as he arrives in the Yemen and starts to explore a different culture and a different perspective on the world. Harriet opens up to him and admits that her fiance is missing in Iran and she is dreadfully worried about it.

It is almost as if escaping from his job, although he is let go, his wife, again she leaves him, and his narrow horizons is the best thing that could happen to Dr Jones.He is also developing into a character that you genuinely start liking.

More tomorrow...

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