Monday, February 04, 2008

Lunchtime read: The Heart-Keeper

There are just a few pages left, but enough for Lewis to commit another murder, and declare his love for Dorothy. He shoots the director of his film with a gun that is meant to be unloaded and as a result gets away with the crime. But his cold-hearted attitude pushes Dorothy over the edge.

Her only real option is to get away from home and Lewis and so she marries Paul and spends six months on honeymoon. When she returns Lewis has won an Oscar and is installed in a huge house by the studio. He meets Dorothy and Paul and clings onto them as they are given a tour of the house. As they leave he runs out and begs to come back with them. The final scene has Paul acknowledging that Lewis is going to be with them for life.

Lewis, with his cold-hearted nature, is a living embodiment of the callous nature of the world of Hollywood where success buys love and wealth and failure leads to alcoholism, bitterness and ultimately obscurity and death.

“It was evident that he had lost his self-control. Hollywood had destroyed him, too, at last – Hollywood and alcohol.”

A review will follow soon…

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