Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Muted by fear

This is one of the few blog postings I have made that does not have a great deal to do with books. The reason why I wanted to write was because my head is so full of thoughts it seemed like a cathartic exercise to get something down on paper.

Why do managers always assume that they can move people around like pieces on a chess board and then wonder why there is a dip in morale and a negative response? Why is it that whenever some short-sighted plan is unveiled we all bite our tongues and keep quiet for fear of losing our jobs by shouting out the obvious – this is all nonsense?

It is because most of us live in a strait-jacketed world where fear of losing income is the prime motivator for not only having a life of drugery but one of compromise. Brave people stand up and tell those in charge that what they plan to do is nonsense. But brave people rarely exist outside of the artificial world of the film studio and the author’s mind.

Whatever happens with the ‘will it or won’t it be a recession’ it is already being used as an excuse to make the lives of good people a misery. I just wish I wasn’t trapped along with everyone else in the grip of the need for a salary and had the guts to be able to do something about it…

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