Monday, January 21, 2008

Lunchtime read: tough, tough toys for tough, tough boys

It seems appropriate that this collection of short stories ends with the characters introduced in the first story reappearing.

The Nonce Prize
This time the roles are reversed and the cool headed Danny has become a crack addict with his cleaned up brother running the business. Things go from bad to worse for Danny as the Jamaican drug boss he double crossed touches down in London wanting revenge. Expecting him to be killed Danny is treated to something much worse being framed by two sex offenders with a dead boy who has been murdered and abused.

Danny is locked up in the nonce wing with the other sex offenders and tries to get moved and is encouraged by the governor to do something with himself. He joins a creative writing class and enters the writing prize but is beaten in the end by someone less talented. he is told to try again next year.

There is of course the usual theme of drugs but there are another couple of observations here that stick with you. There is the feeling that writing can open the mind of those that might have no thoughts previously to be a writer; but equally the critics can be blind to talent and reward those without the gift.

A review will follow soon..

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